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Appraising: CAFCO's Agenda

It's common industry knowledge that the average life span of an appraisal firm is fairly short. We are often asked, "What's the secret of your success?"

It's no secret.

It's what sets any business in any field apart. Avis calls it "Trying harder". KFC calls it "Doing it right" and Delta "Loves to fly and it shows". Catchy slogans for mega companies?  Perhaps.

At CAFCO, excellence is our agenda.

In 1985 we made a promise to ourselves that if we couldn't deliver excellent service, we'd get out of the business.

Guess what?  We're still going strong!

Clients expect more from CAFCO and they get it!

CAFCO = More attention to detail. Each CAFCO appraisal means extensively researched comparables, location, neighborhood, public services, lot size and structure - no guesswork is allowed.  You'll get an appraisal you can "take to the bank" that meets or exceeds FHLMC, FNMA, FDIC, VA and FHA specifications.  We strictly adhere to USPAP and FIRREA guidelines and each CAFCO appraiser is licensed or certified.

CAFCO = Faster response. The minute you order an appraisal, things start happening: your customer or client is contacted and an inspection appointment is made at their earliest convenience. We keep things moving by offering 2-day verbals and electronic delivery that meets or exceeds your specifications.

CAFCO = Better communication.  At CAFCO communication is king.  We get to know your unique needs and respond to them quickly and precisely. 

Accuracy, Service and Speed

 When time counts, count on CAFCO!

We look forward to welcoming you to our group of satisfied clients.


Kenneth R Strickland Jr

Marguerite Strickland